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Friday, August 25, 2006

To Shoot a Rurf

"To Shoot a Rurf" is the latest 3D animated short from Dwarfed Films.
It features a drunken man suffering from psychadelic drink Rurf and his attempt to get rid of his going inside his own head and removing the source of the problem!
Written and directed by Shane Sheils and Paula Sheils, "To Shoot a Rurf" will be completed in the coming weeks.

Heres a few stills to whet your appetite...

The picture on the left show the lead character in his bathroom setting.
The film is set in no particular time and takes place in two locations: the bathroom of his New York city apartment and the inside of his head.

The picture on the right shows the lead character and a "Rurf".Can't really explain what a rurf actually is but sure does look freaky.And yes the rurf is wearing a nice wooly sweater!

You can contact Dwarfed films at

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