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Monday, April 23, 2012

How to Get Rid of annoying Circular Dynamic Feedback pointer in Windows

There are few things more annoying than that stupid animated swirly circle thingy that Microsoft decided to add to any pointing interface in Windows. (shown below)

It may look lovely to some sad fool out there, but it is impossible to draw or paint using a drawing tablet while this thing pops up all the time.

It was only last year that I discovered a website that showed how to get rid of it called

Amazingly the only way to remove it is to alter the registry.
But don't worry, because the website provides a simple tool to automatically fix it for it also provides another simple tool to restore it in case you miss that little %$*^&!

It is amazing that Microsoft never thought of how completely useless and irritating their little animated circle pointer would become and not even consider including a button to un-select it!

Anyway, here is that link again

You will not regret getting rid of those damn circles!

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