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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

OSCAR : Free Blender 3D fully Rigged Character from Shane Sheils

I present OSCAR, a free Blender 3D fully rigged character I created the other day.
OSCAR is an acronym for Open Source Character And Rig.

Download OSCAR here

The armature used to control OSCAR allows a good range of animation and it's really simple to use.

You can download him from the here
My only stipulation is that OSCAR or any derivatives you make based on the character cannot be sold as a standalone package or as part of a model collection.
Apart from that stipulation, you can use OSCAR for all your personnal, learning or even in commercial works.
Of course it'd be nice if you let me know where you've used OSCAR!

The file is compressed with 7Zip (which if you don't have you can download from It's the best compression software, by the way).
The file contains a txt document outlining the license and instructions for the character rig.
If you don't have Blender 3D you can download it from here
Blender is a free Open Source animation and modelling suite and it's what I used to create OSCAR.

So, anyway, enjoy the character and rig!

NOTE: this is a newer version of OSCAR, with a number of fixes!

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dreamsgate said...

Shane, I would like to use Oscar for an issue of Blenderart Magazine. I was thinking issue #15 would be a great issue for it as we will be covering animation.

You can contact me about details at