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Saturday, March 24, 2007


We noticed that the site was beginning to take a bit too long to load properly so to speed things up for viewers we now only display around 15 posts per page.
Make sure to check our older posts on the blog archive because you never know what you might have missed!

Also we're considering the idea of doing some short tutorials, so if anyone out there is interested be sure to let us know. The tutorials would cover everthing from 3D animation/modelling to live action filming and everything in between.

The idea came about when we were thinking of releasing a DVD of To Shoot A Rurf which would include a few different commentaries covering all aspects of production and post production, test footage and a copy of the open source software Blender 3D amongst other goodies. The idea is still in it's infancy but could be a really cool project.

As always you can contact Dwarfed Films here or simply leave a comment on the site.

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