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Friday, March 09, 2007

Office Hours: clothed model

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Twmffat said...

What technique did you use to clothe your rig?
Did you rig the clothes?

Dwarfed Films said...

First off: this posting was from a while back now and the models clothing has been much improved since then - check out more recent postings on the site to see examples.
As for your question, the clothes are rigged and weight painted to the character armature with a number of slight variations such as a few extra added bones from certain movements to add a little swish and sway.
For some shots softbody will be added with certain vertices parented to Hooks to control the movement. Mostly though swish and sway will be handled with bones. Just makes it a bit easier and more dependable when animating.
Hope that answers your question.

Dwarfed Films