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Friday, June 29, 2007

Linux Ubuntu: check it out

I was just thinking of the software we used today and realised it was all freeware or open source.
They were Blender 3d, Audacity, VM midi Keyboard, Psycle, Firefox,, The Gimp, Irfan View and Open Office. (click here for details/download info)
We really like the idea of freeware/open source software and one area we haven't really tried fully yet is open sorce operating systems. In the last post we mentioned Linux Ubuntu, and today we applied for a copy of this open source( Free) operating system.
Go check out their website. Ubuntu looks impressive and you can download it or apply to receive a free copy by mail if your connection is slow or you just like getting mail (they say it takes between 4 and 10 weeks to get it).
You can run windows applications on Ubuntu but there are thousands of freeware programs that are free to download and use too. Remember to check the Dwarfed Films Essential Freeware list.
I'm not sure how well windows designed programs work on Linux but you can go check out details on the web or check the ubuntu wiki.

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