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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

PC Utilities Magazine Issue#88

The Essential Freeware section on this website hopefully has been of some use to a few of you out there but we highly recommend a UK magazine called PC Utilities. It is a monthly magazine that comes with a DVD of freeware (plus some shareware/trialware) software for windows operating systems.
This months issue, #88, comes with a bumper 4gigs+ of software that will suit your needs for practically every task (well a lot of tasks at least!). It includes everything from Blender(2.43 version - although 2.44 is now out and available from, Firefox, security software (Ad Aware SE, and loads more), Foxit PDF Reader (better than acrobat reader) and literally hundreds more essential programs in all catagories. If you see it in your local newsagents I recommend picking up a copy and make sure that the DVD is included!

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