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Tuesday, June 26, 2007


No, I'm not talking about myself! I'm instead talking about the voice synthesis software program Shit Talker. It basically speaks aloud whatever you type into it in a variety of voices. Ok, some of them sound "speak and spell" style robotic but some, like old woman, nerd and choir boy, are pretty good especially with a little bit of tweaking.
Shit Talker is aimed at making prank calls but if you get a little creative you can find lots of uses for it in music and filmmaking. If you want to record what is being said in Shit Talker you will need to record from your soundcard using something like Audacity (don't worry it's freeware too, and very good). And Shit Talker is free! Check out it's website and listen to some of the funny recordings done with Shit Talker.
Shit Talker: It does exactly what it says in it's title!

NB: Shit Talker (what a great name!) does not work well with Windows Vista. Also it sometimes will not speak after you have used another audio source (such as Audacity) to record from or after you have played a Wave/Mp3/Ogg format file on your computer. To get Shit Talker to speak again you must re-boot your computer. This is the crap side of the program.

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