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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Dwarfed Films blog is B.B.D featured feed

Our site is the featured feed on the Big Blog Directory (B.B.D) for this week.
So if anyone who is reading this linked to us from B.B.D we'd encourage you to check out the Dwarfed Films site history of postings.
You are sure to find something interesting to read or view!

Oh, and don't forget the updated Dwarfed Films Essential Freeware List or the To Shoot A Rurf blog either.
Check the links section on this site to navigate to more Dwarfed Films related sites.

As usual you can email Dwarfed Films or simply leave a comment on the site


Leon said...

Thanks for the plug. I hope you get some more readers, Cheers.

Dwarfed Films said...

You're welcome, Leon.
I'm a shameless plugger!
Keep up the great work
Shane :)