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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Dwarfed Films Photography

It's not all just 3D animation and composing for Dwarfed Films these days!
We are heading back to our roots in photography too.
Dwarfed Films photographs combine elements of the picture grading and composition setups we use in our live action and animated films. We photograph using film in order to achieve the finest picture quality - then transfer to digital format for the editing stage. The choice of color or B&W is up to the clients taste/requirements.

Slick and stylish are the keywords here.

A good picture makes you look. A great picture makes you think and feel. We aim for the second category every time!

We cater for actors, models, commercial, corporate and personal projects.
If you require a creative eye with a professional outlook and service contact Dwarfed Films now.

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