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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Crappy Vista burner software

I was trying to burn a Data DVD today using the burner software that came preinstalled with Windows Vista. It is completely crap! It took almost an hour of waiting just for the files to transfer to the burner. And I cannot believe that they decided to use a caveman-style drag and drop way of adding folder/files to the burn list. Anyway, when it eventually tried to to the actual burning to DVD it got about three quarters of the way before failing and giving me a "failed burn" warning. It also said that the disc in the drive was faulty. What a load of crap!
Well I'd had enough and installed Final Burner, the FREE burning program. It burned the disc correctly in about 10 minutes.
Why the hell did Microsoft include such a poxy burning software program? Once again FREE SOFTWARE comes to the rescue.

Visit Dwarfed Films Essential Freeware and download Final Burner.

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