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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Office Hours: new location images

Here are two new images from Office Hours. They show a street scene from an exterior location in the film. It's kinda hard to see - as the images are pretty small - but the walls are covered with lots of graffitti and crap to give them a "dirty" look.

To be honest you'll probably only be able to make out the large "ping-pong" graffitti on one of the walls in these particular pictures (why ping-pong?Well why not! Actually it's a link to a live action film we once made called "The Darkside". In the opening sequence of that movie the lead actress walks down a dirty, deserted street and the word's "hand-ball" are scrawled on the walls which was pretty strange.)

Click on either image to view them larger (these are probably 1/4 scale of final renders)

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