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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

False credit on IMDb for Night Falls

Scanning though I.M.D.B( the Internet Movie Database) I came upon something odd.
For our Dwarfed Films moveie "Night Falls", somebody had added their name as a credited "colorist/dailies". A Subsequent google search revelaed this person's name again credited as "dailies" on Night Falls.

Now either this dude is getting confused with working on another picture or he is just a bit of a chancer! I have never heard of this person i n my life. They never worked on Night Falls. Night Falls didn't even have a person for "dailies" or a "colorist". I edited the damn movie myself on my computer!

Again, this could be an honest mistake, but it may not be. I've had idiots pretending to be part of films before and even using the Dwarfed Films name, saying that they worked for us! Piece of advice - don't lie and pretend you've done something you haven't, you will always get caught out eventually and be made look like a gimp.

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