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Friday, October 19, 2007

Some Terregen renders

Here are some renders done using TERRAGEN 1 that I thought I'd stick up on the site to show anyone unfamiliar with this great piece of software what it can do. These renders of landscapes were created entirely with Terragen and required very little effort to achieve some good looking results. Terragen 2 is in testing stage at the moment (as I've mentioned in a previous post on this site) and includes many more features such as 3D cloudscapes, .obj/.Lwo import options and more sahder tools to create even more realistic landscapes and even entire planets. But Terragen 1 is faster at rendering and to be honest Terragen 2 - at the moment - is a little glitchy and slow. For the moment I prefer Terragen 1!
Lets look at a few images I made with Terragen 1 (with no extra photoshop-like touches):

This is a weird looking landscape I made in Blender. It's deliberately strange looking, by the way! Check out the water. Looks good, eh.

Heres another landscape. Again some nice looking water. Remember Terragen can make animations so you can do flyovers and fly-pasts and the like....

Here's an image that reminds me of my home country Ireland. Gentle rolling hills, grass, ehm, that's pretty much it...

Heres a Himalaya type Everest view of a snow covered mountain. Terragen's sun settings and cloudscapes can all be animated so you can have the scene animate from day tyo dusk to night if you want!

Terragen is for "Non Commercial Use Only" and can be downloaded for free. Also check out Terragen 2, which is still in it's pre-release version.

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