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Thursday, November 15, 2007

American Movie: watch this movie

Over the weekend I watched a few movies on telly - most crap or so bad there good. Take "Earthquake" for instance - what the hell were they thinking back in the 70's: Victoria Principal with an afro?!, Walter Mattheau as a jive talking pimp??!!!, George Kennedy as a cop???!!!He's too fat and slow to be a cop, let alone Victoria Principal's love interest!

Anyway, I put on a video (yes I still use video), a documentary I love called "American Movie". It's about a freaky dude from Wisconsin tryin' to make a feature movie called "North Western" but before that he has to complete a short he's been working on called "Coven". Real thrasy, cheesy yokel horror stuff: brilliant!
If you don't like documentaries, it doesn't matter. If you hate movies about the making of movies, that doesn't matter either. "American Movie" is great because it has great people in it and its very funny. The lead is Mark Borchadt, a mullet wearing film obsessive who his brother described as being a potential serial killer! Marks divorced Swedish mother and stern father are also in it, so is Marks best friend who is a complete tripped out recovering pill popper! Best of all is MArks grandfather, Bill, who spouts wisdom every so often amongst the other nonsense that pops out of his mouth.

If you haven't seen American Movie, you should. It's one of the truest depictions of independent movie making and human nature I've seen made. I had an earlier posting on films about filmmaking and I think I forgot to put it on the list. It should be - and at the top.

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