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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Express Burn: free DVD burner that works under Vista

Yesterday I was trying to back up some Office Hours files to a disc, but I ran into a few difficulties. I was using Windows Vista and was attempting to burn a DVD using freeware program Final Burner. Final burner is usually so reliable - well it is under Windows 2000/XP - but with Vista it just kept failing to write. Annoying.

Anyway's, I went looking on the internet for a Vista Compatible alternative and came upon Express Burn.

It has a nice simple interface, can burn Audio CD's, Data DVD's, Video, and even BLue Ray and HD DVD discs. And it's free! Most importantly it burned those important Office Hours files for me and I intend to keep using it. Maybe you should give it a try too.

You can download it here : EXPRESS BURN

The people who make this software also do Wave Editor (the free audio editing program), so you can check that out too while you're on their site. Express Burn is not shareware, contains no time-linits or any crap like that, and it's adware free.

Remember to check out the Dwarfed Films Essential Freeware List for other top quality free software recommended by us.

NOTE: I just noticed today (Dec/10/2007) that my copy of Express Burn no longer burns to DVD/Blu Ray/HD DVD. As far as I knew, Express burn was "freeware" - with no restrictions or expiry limits. Well, guess what? It does expire after 14 days. This is pretty crappy, In my opinion. You can stil burn CD's but not DVD's. Just wanted to let you know - Shane

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