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Monday, December 17, 2007

Work in Progress: "O.S.C.a.R" - Open Source Character and Rig

Since it's Christmas time, I've decided to give away a 'present' of a free fully rigged character.
He's called O.S.C.a.R - it stands for Open Source CharacterAnd Rig. Cheesy, eh?
He's a big, blue cartoony creature thingy!
I modelled the character a few nights ago and at the moment I'm rigging him. He should be ready very soon.

The model and rig will be Open Source: this means that you can use the character and rig freely. The only stipulation is that you cannot sell the character mesh or include it in any collection of mesh's for sale. the .blend file will contain all relevant information.
I've designed the character mainly for training purposes for Blender 3D users, so that you can practice animation or whatever!

Well, as soon as Oscar is ready I'll make him available for download.

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