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Sunday, March 30, 2008

To Shoot A Rurf featured in Animation World Magazine

Our film To Shoot A Rurf is featured in this months Animation World Magazine.

It gets reviewed in the Fresh From The Festivals” section.

An image from the film is also used as one of the main images on the front page of this months site. (Animation World Network) and is the biggest and best animation website on the net and they are responsible for Animation World Magazine, VFX World Magazine and the A.I.D.B (Animation Industry Database).

Here's the opening from that review:

Ever have one of those nights where you're just trying to sober yourself up enough to avoid a terrible hangover the next day, but you inadvertently take some mind-altering medication and are forced to confront the deepest, darkest recesses of your own soul instead? This film is kind of like that.

The review is by Andrew Farago, who is the gallery manager and curator of San Francisco's Cartoon Art Museum and the creator of the weekly online comic serial The Chronicles of William Bazillion.

You can read the review in full here:


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