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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Eircom are crap!

Ok, this isn't connected with film, but I just have to say that Eircom are crap.
Eircom is the main telephone/internet supplier in Ireland. For years they had a complete monopoly of the market and even when other service providers entered the market a few years back, Eircom still managed to have a stranglehold.

They are constantly telephoning us with various 'great' offers and promotions yet when it comes to the basics of actually supplying a reliable service they fail miserably (not that their competitors - I use that term loosely as many of these companies are spin-offs of Eircom).

Recently they have been updating their webmail service. All well and good, but not when the service can be off for a whole day while they mess about!

Internet and broadband speeds in Ireland are laughably slow and I wish they'd get their act together and sort it out.

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