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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

"To Shoot A Rurf" - November Critic's Choice on MISHORTS

Sorry we haven't been updating in a (loooong) while, but we've been busy with other projects that have really eaten away with our time.

Anyway, here's some news;

"To Shoot A Rurf"
is one of four films chosen this month on the website as part of the Critics Choice.

The film was made back in 2007 and was created using Blender 3D and other Open Source software programs.
Directed by Shane Sheils and Paula Sheils, it is one of the oddest movies you are ever likely to see!

From the MiShorts site:

Guest Critic: Michelle Thomas

Michelle Thomas (aka Coco Forsythe) sits on the advisory committee of the British Independent Film Awards and has been a FutureMovies editor and reviewer for the past five years. Her ‘proper’ job is in film marketing and although preferring indie/arthouse fare, she confesses to enjoying a bit of mindless entertainment now and then.

To Shoot A Rurf
An impressive noirish animation depicting the effects of long term drinking. If that sounds like some sort of Government Health Warning, its not; with black humour, original style and fantastic sound design, its miles from Drugs Are Bad, Mkay style messages. Set mainly in a gloomy backroom bar and the protagonist’s dingy flat, this is an extremely accomplished film, deftly creating a sinister atmosphere with its clever use of lighting and colour. A film for anyone who has ever regretted that last drink.

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