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Friday, May 11, 2012

My Favourite Art Inspiration Websites

The internet is full of great ways to get inspired to create. 

A quick Google image search can provide some ideas but because the order in which stuff appears is decide by popularity - not quality - you can end up looking at some pretty crappy stuff. 

So I've compiled a short list (in no particular order) of my own personal faves for inspiring creativity.

#01 First of all I'll promote my own art DeviantArt webpage - using my pseudonym 'Shapula' - is located here for anyone interested in having a gander!

#02 Escape From Illustration Island is full of so much stuff that your head will probably explode and you could die. Seriously. Well, ok, maybe not die...but you could get so creatively excited that your hair might turn blue. Especially visit the Resource Library link and be prepared to never leave your computer screen again....until your hair goes blue of course.

#03 ConceptArtWorld has concept art. Well, what else did you expect?!

#04 VisualNews is another site similar to It features lots of inspiration and ideas to make your brain warm up and feel all snuggly. Or it can make your brain melt.

#05 This guy's website, provides links to freely download pdf books by acclaimed artist Andrew Loomis Loomis may have written these books back in the day - some of the writing style and models drawn may seem dated and quaint - but he was bloody brilliant and inspiring.... and these are probably the best practical drawing and illustration books ever written. Read these books and you'll immediately get better at art.

#06 GurneyJourney is Dinotopia creator James Gurney's great website  is full of inspiration and advice.

#07 EmptyKingdom is a great website showcasing all forms of visual art from film to photography, painting to sculpture. I like choosing a random page and then clicking on the image links on the side which take you to cool places on the site.

#08 PetaPixel always has cool and inspiring ideas and the latest photographic news.

#09 CoverBrowser is a site that allows you to view hundreds of thousands of book and comic covers throughout the years.

#10 In-Public is a site for public nudity....only kidding. It's great site for street photography. The galleries are inspiring - and especially so because it's all everyday, regular stuff captured with a twist.

#11 Sweet-Station is a site similar to EmptyKingdom. It has lots of cool stuff.  

#12 TodaysInspiration does exactly what it says on the tin - inspiring images and sketches. It can take a while to load all the images though.

I'll continue to add more links when I can and feel free to recommend any other sites you think I should check out too.

- Shane

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