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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Office Hours: male polygon hair re-style

Ok, I know you're probably as sick of seeing pictures of this character from Dwarfed Films' "Office Hours" as we are but I think it's interesting to the see the complete development of the 3D model and the various stages of redesign that happens.
These images are accompanied by some brief text notes describing what has changed.
Click on the images to view them full scale with annotations.
What you will see is that polygon hair modelling techniques have been applied to the male character. This is combined with particle hair for the beard and stubbly patches on his scalp.
The reasons for using polygon hair is described in the text accompanying the images.
I think you'll agree that this character looks way better than before by utilising a combination of these two styles.

(Note: I just realised that this is our 99th posting on this site. Stay with us for the century!)

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