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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Our 100th POSTING!

This is the 100th posting on the Dwarfed Films blog!

Hopefully there are a few people out there in internet world that have visited the site and enjoyed what they've read/seen. (fingers crossed)

Our very first posting was back in 2006 and featured details on a "new" film called
TO SHOOT A RURF which we were in the process of making.
The following postings discussed the filmmaking process behind the making of To Shoot A Rurf and featured screenshots and stills. We also included some small bits of info on previous films such as The Darkside and Opera Baby.

As we progressed we realised that people were interested in seeing the developmental progress of piecing a film together so we included more and more images and screenshots but this time with annotations and comments. An extension of this lead to the idea of putting together the Dwarfed Films Essential Freeware List which promotes the most effective and useful freeware/open source tools available for making films. You can find lots of freeware on the net but it's annoying having to trawl through lists and advertisements just to find something good so we hope our freeware list packages the best of the best together nicely :)

In the past few months we've delivered an abundace of material showing the making of our latest film OFFICE HOURS. By the end of it you'll have seen the complete breakdown of how this 3D animated picture was put together from initial design concept through to the finished end product.

To anyone thats stuck with us or to any new visitors we say a big thank you and hope you'll stick with us for a hundred more postings featuring details on filmmaking, photography, animation, our music and much more!

Shane Sheils & Paula Sheils
Dwarfed Films

NOTE: To Shoot A Rurf is screening at the Portobello Film Festival in London, UK on the 17th August at Westbourne Studios. Visit the Portobello Film Festival 2007 site and download the programme brochure (2mb-PDF format).

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