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Friday, January 25, 2008

Short Animated Film Needs Actor

Dwarfed Films are producing another short 3D animated film, this time a comedy about a door to door salesman.
The role requires one male actor with a North American accent. We do not require any other actors for any other parts.
The film will be approximately 2 - 2.5 minutes long.
This will be an unpaid position but it is a great opportunity to show your comedy prowess and may lead to future paid work.
Actor will recieve credit and copy of the completed film.
We do not need a bunch of CV's and headshots - but we do want funny, smart people with great acting ability and vocal talents!

  • When recording, speak across the microphone rather than in to it!
  • It's an animated short but we're not looking for comedy/"Muppet-type" vocals.
  • Don't try to be wacky. Be yourself and follow the direction in the PDF sample.

  • You will need an audio recording software program such as Audacity (freedownload @ )
  • A reasonable quality directional microphone.
  • A quiet area to record in.
  • A file compression program such as 7Zip (free download @ or Winzip or Winrar.

NOTE: If chosen for the role in this animated film, all your future
recordings for the part will be done in this manner – so sound quality
is very important. If your sound output is noisy, crackly or fuzzy please
do not submit for consideration as you will not be selected.

Download the Audition Sample script PDF from here

If you don't already have a PDF viewer you can download
the free Foxit PDF viewer from
or Adobe Acrobat Reader from

Follow the instructions contained in the sample script.

When you have completed recording, do the following:
  • Convert your recordings from .Wav to .MP3 format.
  • Add a text file (.txt format or a Word .doc or PDF) including your name and contact details.
  • Compress these files into a single .7zip, .Zip or .Rar archive using yourcompression program. FILES MUST BE NO BIGGER THAN 2 MB (Thats 2 megabytes max). Any files larger than 2 MB will not be considered.
  • Email Dwarfed Films with a link directing us to where to download your file. provide a free file hosting service.
  • Successful candidates will be contacted after the selection process.
* NOTE: Visit for details and advice on
submitting your audition files.

All images, names, “sample script” and “Dwarfed Films” are the COPYRIGHT © of Dwarfed Films 2003-2008.
Unauthorised usage of this documant and any images, names,“sample script”and “Dwarfed Films” is strictly prohibited without written permisssion from the authors.

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