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Sunday, February 03, 2008

Using The Gimp on Windows Vista

Anyone who intends to use The Gimp on their new Vista computer may become frustrated when they can't get the program to launch and it just seems to hang for ages trying to load fonts. Many will grow impatient and throw their computer out the window. Some may even curse The Gimp and refuse to use it on their lovely new machine.

But fret not! The solution is simple.
The problem lies somewhere in The Gimp trying to access Vista's fonts when it first loads. All you have to do is wait a few minutes (varies, but should take no more than 5 minutes) and The Gimp will load up as good as new. And don't worry, after this initial long loading time, The Gimp is set and ready to load up almost up really fast the next time you start her up.


PS: I had this 'problem' a few months back and wouldn't use The Gimp on Vista. Instead I started using is really good but it just doesn't have all the image editing abilities that The Gimp has.

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