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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

3D World Magazine DVD films

Busy making our comedy short film at the moment and have’n t been posting as much as we’d like to lately.

Image to and further details to come!

Anyway, we’ve been looking at the “Indie 50”, the DVD of short 3D animated films, which came with this month’s 3D World Magazine.

Highly recommend checking out the magazine and the enclosed shorts.

Lots of variety: the good, the bad and the downright ugly!

I won’t mention the bad ones – it’s all personal choice and opinion, I suppose – but I will recommend the ones that really impressed both myself and Paula.

“The Itch” – comedy genius.

“The Last Knit” – excellent.

“Birthday Boy” – academy award nominated short which I’m sure many of you will already have heard of.

“Ego” – absolutely amazing animation.

“The Wolf Man” – hilarious and completely bonkers!

There are others that impressed in terms of visuals and ideas (such as Tim Tom, Dragon Slayer, After You and a few notable others) but the ones mentioned above are really top quality.

Hey, don’t trust us – go judge for yourself by checking out these films online or borrowing a copy of the DVD from somebody. Or you could stop being a miser and actually purchase a copy of 3D World Magazine!.

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